The Great Expectations Foundation awards grants to local and national communities, organizations and groups who cater to children age birth-18, with special consideration for the following:   
    • groups that operate to enhance literacy and/or fitness 
    • groups that operate to enhance physical and/or emotional wellness 
    • groups that operate to grow spiritual awareness of adolescents and teens 
    • organizations serving the areas where the Carrico family has established        
      community relations and/or associate support; specifically, organizations in
      which associates donate their own time, talent and treasure 
    • programs designed to elevate a child’s physical, mental, emotional, or       
      spiritual opportunities, and which provide measurable results and track    
      program success

grant guidelines
The Great Expectations Foundation will provide grants twice each year for programs, either in part or in total, with a special interest paid to collaborative efforts and in providing matching funds to leverage new dollars into the receiving organization. We will give priority consideration to programs that both meet our goals and are supported in volunteer time and effort by companies and/or employees contributing to the Foundation. 

The Foundation awards grants to tax exempt organizations (as determined under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code) including educational organizations as defined in USC 26 § 170 (C). 

Grant-seekers must also be aware of what the Foundation does not support as identified in the Areas of Exclusion (see below). Interested parties must complete an eligibility quiz, be approved and invited to submit a grant proposal as specified in our Application Process.

grant amounts
There are no restrictions on grant amounts up to the quarterly allocation. Typical awards, however are between USD $500 and USD $5,000.  Funds not allocated in a given year will be available for grants in subsequent quarters.

grant deadlines
Grants are awarded once each year. Grant applications are open to any organization that wishes to be considered for a grant that meets the grant guidelines. Generally, the online grant application will provide us sufficient information to make a decision. In some rare cases we may ask for additional information to make a decision. The calendar for this process is:  
Grant applications due by:                 SEPT 15 
Board selection from applicants:        Sept 16 - Nov 30 
Notification of selection by:                December 1
Funding by:                                      December 31   

Any grant applications received after a deadline will be considered for the next grant cycle.

geographic limitations
While the foundation interests are local, there are no restrictions based on geography. The Great Expectations Foundation supports local and national programs in the United States.  Applications from the Midwest region of the United States may be given preferential consideration, as this is where the Carrico family has established business headquarters, grown family, and experienced community; it is where we, our employees and customers live.  Currently, this is specific to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky; but, applications from other geographical areas will not be excluded.

matching funds
The Great Expectations Foundation will consider requests for matching funds for qualifying projects or qualifying organizations that support the Foundation mission statement. 
    1. Complete the Great Expectations Foundation Application. 
    2. Great Expectations Foundation must be acknowledged as “Matching Fund 
        Donor” in any advertisement relating to the project. 
    3. Audited statement of contributions will be required before matching funds 
        are disbursed.

associate involvement
The Great Expectations Foundation recognizes that volunteer efforts are to be commended and supported. To offer encouragement and to support these efforts, the foundation will give preferential treatment to requests for grants for projects to organizations in which our associates devote time and resources.

unexpended grants
All grant funds unexpended by the end of the grant term will be returned to Great Expectations Foundation.

areas of exclusion
The foundation will not make grants to international charitable organizations that are not qualified in the US, or to for-profit businesses, or to individuals. 

The foundation does not typically make grants for the following purposes. Requests to fund the following purposes are likely to be denied:  
 ·      Environmental causes 
 ·      Disaster Relief 
 ·      Promotional Materials 
 ·      Hospice or old age home programs, 
 ·      Individuals for any purpose 
 ·      Political lobbying activities or other political purposes  
 ·      Voter registration  
 ·      Dinners, balls, or other ticketed events 
 ·      Purposes outside of the Foundation's funding priorities or geographic areas 
        of emphasis, as detailed in its Mission & Audience section on this website 
 ·      Proposals from educational institutions for scholarships, fellowships and for 
        unrestricted endowment are discouraged, as are proposals for individual 
        research efforts at such institutions.   

Other than legal requirements, these lists are not absolute and may not always apply, but they provide some guidance about our interests.

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